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COME AND SEE (Rough Mix)
Band: The Upper Room Band
Written by Freddy Ludiazo; Performed by Crystal Mateo; Produced by Matt Honda & Freddy Ludiazo
So you say I'm desperate 'cause I love to praise His name,
Yes, you say I'm confused 'cause each day I call His name,
Then you call my God each passing day you feel all hope is gone,
See His love is there to welcome you whenever you feel lost come on...
Come and see the things the Lord has done for me,
Come and sing the song the Lord has given me,
Come and feel the love, the love He's got for you,
He's wanting you, He's calling you!
You say you've got your "thing" you've got your life to live for now,
You say you've got your friends, you've got your crew to get you by,
But I'm telling you the plan He's got is just to prosper you,
See His love is true, He's calling you, He's waiting just for you! Come on..
He's the reason why I sing,
He's the reason why I live,
He's the truth, the way to life,
He's wanting and calling, and waiting and hoping and longing just for you.