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Jesus Is My Light
Band: Marked By Love
This is one of Marked By Love's signature tunes. An original setting of "Jesus Is My Light" featuring the 3-part vocal harmonies of Marked By Love.
Jesus Is My Light
(lyrics by Emma Johnson; altered by Donna Harris)
(Songbook #400)
Why should life a weary journey seem?
Why should I my cross a burden deem?
All the way is marked by love divine,
'Round my path the rays of glory shine,
Christ's a companion of mine!
Jesus is my light and song,
And I will praise Him
all day long!
Jesus is my light
and I'll serve Him with all of my might.
For Jesus is my light
Jesus is my light and song.
What though foes at ev'ry hand I meet?
What though snares are ready for my feet?
Christ Himself was first to lead the way,
He was first to battle in the fray,
Now on Him my hope stays!
When my feet shall reach the open door,
When life's pilgrimage on earth is o'er,
This through countless years my song shall be
Love for Him Who sets the pris'ner free,
Love for Him Who gave His Life for me!
(chorus 2x)