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08. I Looked for Love
Band: Second Destiny: Jim Curnow/Bill Himes etc..
I looked for love in the red rose so small,
I looked for love in the green tree so tall;
But the red rose had its thorns,
and the green tree was a cross,
and my searching for love was a total loss.
I looked for love in a friendly face so true,
I looked for love in a creed I once knew;
Well, my friend just called me friend,
and he said, "I'm searching too,"
and the creed only told me what I couldn't do.
Then one day I heard the story of love like I'd never known.
How God gave His Son to save me and wanted me for His own. His own, His very own.
And now I know what it means to belong,
not lost in a crowd,
swept along by the throng.
But to Him who gave His life,
Every longing to fulfill,
And I know that He loves me and He always will.