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11. The Answer
Band: Second Destiny: Jim Curnow/Bill Himes etc..
While the ending could perhaps have been a bit more subtle, this was a controversial song for whatever audience they played. This was the height of the hippies and the band would play in a park in the afternoon with hippie war protesters, and then in the evening they might play a USO show for servicemen just returned vrom Vietnam. It's hard to imagine our groups being allowed to sing something with words like this today.; Solo parts by James Curnow
There comes a time in one’s life, when the pressure of society becomes almost too much to bear…
You wonder what the future holds,
Frustration everyday at home
What is the answer?
You wonder why you came to be,
And what will be your destiny,
What is the Answer?
Your quest for life, when will it cease
Or will your searchin’ still increase
What is the answer?
What thrills you on can’t fill your cup
Not caring when your time is up
But hoplesness keeps building up
What is the Answer?
The answer was written for all mankind, for those who will seek, and will find…
A world of hate is closing in,
You realize the dread of sin,
What is the Answer?
A troubled world of great despair
With fighting here and fighting there,
What is the Answer?
You go to serve in uniform,
To shoot to kill and lives deformed,
Is that the answer?
You demonstrate unlawfully,
With riot acts of great degree,
And no responsibility,
Is that the answer?
The answer is nothing of man’s design, but comes from the hand divine…
A life completely confused,
Continues to grope for the answer
To the emptiness within…
You satisfy your own desire,
But morally you play with fire,
Is that the answer?
You long to get away and flee,
And form your own society,
Is that the answer?
You take a trip to find release,
In hope that drugs will give you peace,
Is that the answer?
You know that you
Must find your way
You cannot live another day
And so on bended knee you pray,
Who knows the answer?
The answer,
The savior
The answer,
The answer is…