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Band: JC Owens
One of the many opportunities afforded me through The Salvation Army was to meet many young people from many different walks of life, and one of them was named John. At the age of 8, John was forced into prostitution and drug related activities through a mother who claimed to love him. The life he was forced to lead, was not one that he chose, but, one that was imposed upon him. How many other young people suffer because of the sins of others. In a sad way, haven't we all.
Bitter years trapped inside of me.
Empty tears from the one I used to be.
Little one, lost from father's love
Turning tides of anger's sea
Empty tears in silence
break down bitter walls.
There's nowhere else for me to fall.
Child crumbles under
mother's desperate ways
now that father's gone away.
Mother hears all I used to be.
Now her fears force the child in me to see
darker side of society's own face.
Selling flesh and soul of me.
Empty words and promises
calling out to me.
It's been so long since I was free
to run and play
like oh so many times before.
Since daddy's gone, I play nomore.
My empty heart now shattered
by the bitter life inside.
There's nowhere else for me to hide.
In fear for life,
I raise my hands up to the sky...
"My Father, God, alone I cry".
Band: JC Owens