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Band: JC Owens
The greatest gift you can give is to lay down your life. How many of us can honestly say that we would give that ultimate sacrifice. So many have given their lives voluntarily, and others have had it stolen away, and yet one, gave it for all humankind, those who love him, and even those who hate him. The gift was for all.
As I bleed through a heart now broken
As I see through my eyes once blind
I receive all the lies they've spoken
Seen the body that they left to die
Strapped down, to the wood abandoned
Blood flows from his broken brow
Life slips from the innocent victim
Different so they tore him down.
Sheperd lost, from the sheep was taken
in the agony and pain he cried.
Now I weep for the beauty murdered
in the Child of God they left to die.
As I hear the Godly whisper
words of passion, they mourn the dead.
Now I see the innocence killers,
no remorse for the ones who bled.
You try to stop me.
You dare to judge me.
You do not scare me.
I won't go down without a fight.
Vengeance torn by the hatred seeking.
In the prejudice of prideful eyes.
And the tears of a million weeping
another dead for their religious lies.
As I hear the mourners weeping
"God Hates" all the heretics cried
I believe it was for a reason
that my brother had to give his life.
Band: JC Owens