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Band: JC Owens
So many voices try to lead, but, in the end, there's only one that truly matters. And, my prayer is that we learn to tell the difference.
Trains of thought cross my mind,
oh, will they all collide?
Thoughts of passion and thoughts of pain
Please, Lord, take them all away.
Oh I just really do not see
why you keep accusing me.
Just go away and let me be.
Can't you hear me?
You can't serve two masters
at the same time
It's one or the other
Are you free or just a slave
Better make your choice today
It's one or the other.
In a society of choice
it seems to me that
people listen to their own voice.
Giving up or giving in
Why don't you call it sin
just like it is.
How can you walk the tightrope
after tasting his sweets
indifference is death
get on your knees.
You can't serve two masters
it's one or the other
you better make your choice today.
Band: JC Owens