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Band: JC Owens
At 5 years old, I was the victim of molestation, and I was left questioning my worth to the world, both because of the act itself, and how I perceived society to view me. It took me many years to realize that that victim inside of me, could not hold me captive any longer, and I had the power, through Christ, to overcome.
21 years
since my life was torn away.
Left with nothing
but the nightmares and the pain.
21 years
I have suffered for your sin.
Tortured and tormented for
temptation that I'm trapped in.
God can you forgive me.
God can I forgive him.
Never loved me
and you never said goodbye.
When you left my life in hell
were you satisfied
Never loved me
Just a child when you were near.
A 5 year old torn of his virtue
left in tears.
God can you forgive me.
God can I forgive him.
Why do I cry
What is the reason why
Why do I hide
and keep it bottled up inside
Why must I pray
that God would take it all away
Why can't I live
or find it in my heart to forgive.
Holy Father
can you hear your child pray
Why is hell so near
and heaven so far away
Holy Father
I can't take this anymore
Draw my heart to yours
that I may cry no more.
Band: JC Owens