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Mediocrity in C# Minor
Band: Brandon Toy
A mediocre song is all that I wrote today
But you can listen in to the music in my mediocre brain.
And I wanna know how long it's gonna take for me to get it right.
Verse 1:
Every once in a while I feel the need to write a song.
But it doesn't seem to flow, don't know where to go, so it all goes wrong.
But I don't want to have to throw this track away.
It may not be the jam of the year,
but practice makes perfect they say.
Verse 2:
I love making music whether you like hearing it or not
I aint Billy Joel or Smokey, but that don't mean I should stop.
You see, if I can push through mediocrity
then I can finally write a legacy
But til then... I just got this... Sorry.
Verse 3:
I'll be the first to admit
that this song is not so great,
but since I already started it,
I figured I'd finish it.
They say it goes "One for the money, and two for the show."
But since we don't got neither then what are we here for? Oh!
I never claimed to be a rapping fanatic, an addict,
but while I'm at it, I have it under control.
Because we write songs for the fun of it, so we
don't care if you make fun of it, homie.
Though we may be lowly we will slowly overcome.
[Chorus x2]