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I Came to Party
Band: The Lads
Party song inspired by Luke 15
Whoopsy Doopsey, Oopsey Daisies
I have an invite to a party
I got it from a bunch of my people
They go to my local steeple
I can tell you and honestly say
When we're together there's a sound going down so HEY
Wave your arms, left and right
Heavens in our line of sight
Oh my goodness, oh my crazy
Can you praise him any louder maybe?
Aye-oh!, who made that joyful noise?
Aye-oh! crazy girls, noisey boys
What? What's that? is that a tamborine?
And you, are you jumpin' on a trampoline?
All are welcome in this house
Jesus what we're all about
I Came to Party (I Came to Party)
With my Friend Jesus (With my Friend Jesus)
Ain't no-one like Him (Ain't no-one like Him)
Like my friend Jesus (Like my friend Jesus)
Whoopsy Doopsey, Oopsey Daisies
Can you praise him even louder maybe
Aye-Oh!! What is my hearing gone?
Aye-Oh!! Switch the power on
Yeah, you could say I'm a bit of a fan
Cause I want as much of Jesus as I can
Slip and Slide, Duck and Dive
Make some noise if your alive!
Band: The Lads