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Band: The Lads
My Best Friends the Creator of the Universe!

Do you ever wonder
Well is there any wonder
Do you ever wonder
Lie awake at night and ponder
Can you tell me what is beyond this big blue ball
A million billion planets and they're spinning out in space
Galaxies He infallibly put them all in place
He set them in motion all the powers that can be
It’s such a funny notion to think He cares for me
It’s a mystery

My best friend’s the creator of the universe
My best friend’s the creator of the universe
Although He’s bigger than the milky way
He wants to know about my life today

Do you ever wonder
Staring at the stars we’re under
What if God is somewhere up there in the sky
What if He is closer
Closer than the spell you’re under
What if the answer to your question's standing by

What if God came down
What if He came down to your home town
What if God was walking and talking and kicking it, around
What if it’s all true
What if it's true that God loves you
What if He was your best friend too?
Band: The Lads