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Put Dem Hands in Da Air
Band: Lil' Bro-Z
Put dem hands in da air- Aa
and wave 'em like you just don't care-Aa
If you love Jesus Christ
And you gave Him your life
Everybody say Oh Yeah Aa

Verse 1 Jeremiah:
Right off the track, I'm starting it off
I'm only nine years old
And I gave Christ my heart
And I've learned in this short time
He never will leave me
though the world and its sin
will try to deceive me
But I've gained a lot from
my Pops and Mom
Like making right choices
to keep me from harm
And how Jesus Christ
Can shelter my storms
So if you with me and you love Him
People put up dem arms.

verse 2: Josh
Well my name is Josh
and I come from L.A.
thirteen years Christ has been with me
He showed me the way.
Kids at school try to hate, tease
and lead me astray
I follow CHRIST
He is the Life, He is the Truth,
and the Way
Eversince I was a child,
his light was on me
A light that shines through the darkness
That can set people free
If they only knew the love, that came to me
If they only knew the sin, that won't let them be
If they only knew the heart, of Jesus you see
Haters will turn from their ways, and their sins and be Free!