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Promoted To Glory
Band: 8Apart
Our father, William Kapp, was promoted to Glory on 14 October, 2007, after a 5 year battle with a staph infection that robbed him of his legs, his eyesight, kidney function, and other organ functionality. I [Christin] wrote this song as a testimony of our father's faith, and our confidence in his eternity. ; As I, [Christin] drove from my appointment in PA to our mother's home in Greenville, SC, I was overwhelmed with the sense that our father was no longer a prisoner in his own body. Where there was once a blind, crippled man, was now a man made whole, walking down the streets of heaven, seeing with heavenly eyes. And what a sight it must be -- to glimpse Christ, and worship him eternally. Hallelujah! Amen!; [Note: This was the very first time 8Apart shared in a public worship setting]
All praise be to God
for now, I am free.
Promoted to Glory,
You're welcoming me.
The seas all resound
and the mountains all sing
As I pass through the gates
Now I walk with the King.
And he walks down the street
where the crippled can dance
Every blind eye can see
and he'll jump at the chance
to bow down at the feet
of the great Son of Man
Glory to God!
The Lord is my shepherd
He covers my sin
The former has vanished
I've fullness within
I've passed through the darkness
and into the light
Promoted to Glory
I've fought the good fight
But from everlasting to everlasting
the Lord's love will always remain
And we'll walk down the streets
where the angels all dance
as Your glory's revealed
we'll all jump at the chance
to bow down at the feet
of the Christ, Risen Lamb
Promoted to Glory
Glory to God
Glory to God
Band: 8Apart