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The Jetty
Band: 8Apart
My first appointment was in the Northern New England division, and while stationed there, I became quite good friends with a woman named Ruth. For two years, she spoke to me of the Jetty at Camp Ellis, Maine, but it never worked out that we actually visited it. ; So on my last day in the state, before I farewelled to NJ, we went to the Camp Ellis Jetty, even though it was grey and looked as though it would pour rain at any second. We were determined. ; As we walked out onto the craggy, uneven rocks, i could sense fear rising up within me [I don't really like water very much, nor do I have great balance]. When we reached the end of the Jetty, the skies opened up and we were drenched. So were the rocks, which now were not only uneven, but slippery as well. ; There was no choice but for me to lay down my fear of falling, or I might still be out on the jetty today! The whole experience reminded me that God has not given us a spirit of fear, but one of love, and of power, and of a sound mind. ; Everyone has their own jetty - their own fear -- that needs to be conquered. But through the power of the Holy Spirit, it becomes an adventure.
There's so much to be seen
but the day's fading fast
as the stormclouds come rolling in.
There's so much to be said
but I can't find the words
so show me something I still haven't seen.
Take me on an adventure
where my fears I'll surrender
Leave them down where the rocks meet the sea
And I'll feel my heart soar
as the rain starts to pour
Come walk on the jetty with me
Come and walk on the jetty with me
As we come to the end
and we're saying goodbye
I remember God's unending grace
we've been tested by fire
we've been tossed in the storm
but through all of this we are still Yours
And the rain falls
and we're both soaking wet
as the afternoon comes to an end
but we'll smile and we'll say
we'll remember this day
and we'll walk on the jetty again
And go on an adventure
where our fears we'll surrender
leave them down where the rocks meet the sea
and we'll feel our hearts soar
as the rain starts to pour
come walk on the jetty with me
Come and walk on the jetty with me
Band: 8Apart