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Band: 8Apart
During a trip to Greece and Turkey, where I retraced the steps of Paul the Apostle, the Lord gave me this song as a gift....a 'download' of sorts.; Verse one reflects on the ruined places of our own lives, and how we have dwelt in those places far too long. They speak of crying out to the Lord -- begging for, and receiving freedom. ; Verse two speaks of life after that moment when freedom comes -- yes, there will still be moments when those things which threaten to undo us will stare us in the face, but as we walk through this life in the fullness of Christ, we walk with confidence. ; The bridge is especially meaningful to me because of a conversation I had with an Albanian refugee on the trip -- she spoke to me of the Sistine Chapel in Italy, and that when she learned of Christ [she had been raised an athiest] it was as if God Himself touched her finger and woke her from a deep sleep. ; Joy unhindered -- Hallelujah! Thine the Glory!
I have dwelt within these ruins
heavy shackles on my soul
felt them crushing, pressing, binding
telling me I can not know
that in Christ, there is no bondage
the veil's been torn, He's ransomed me
And everything within me is shouting
Shake me, break me, loose me,
Set me free!
And joy unhindered fills my soul
I'm waking up
I'm letting go of all the pain I've held on to
this is all my hope in You
And joy unhindered fills my soul
I am standing in this forum
I am walking down this road
in the fullness of Your spirit
giving You complete control
When I'm facing my own lions
When my faith will matter most
I'll stand in full surrender, screaming
Not my will be done, let it be YOURS
And it is YOU who touched my finger
it is YOU who fills my soul
It is YOU who wakes the sleeping
And it is YOU alone who reigns forevermore!
Band: 8Apart