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Love that's all around
Band: The Joystrings
Part of The Joystrings legacy....; Bill Davidson wrote this song for The Joystrings in 1966. Reg Presley heard it, and used it as the inspiration for his own song "Love is all around", which was a hit for his band The Troggs in 1967. (Reg told the story on a TV documentary "Top Ten Love Songs" on Channel 4 - see www.joystrings.co.uk/Videos/T10_Joystrings.html).; It was later covered by REM, then by Wet Wet Wet whose version for the film "Four Weddings and a Funeral" stayed at number 1 for fifteen consecutive weeks.; Richard Curtis then recycled the idea (again) for the film "Love Actually", where it provides the central theme for the film - one of the characters says "so love actually IS all around!".
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