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As We Unite
Band: Impact
A track from Impact's 2003 album, Anakainosis.
We come to You to be united
For Your love to make us one
We need Your hand to shape and mold us
To guide us through the storm
We come here in faith
Please unite us together
To raise a shield
Against the enemy's arrows
O Lord, we claim Your power
As we unite we anticipate amazing things
We seek You Lord
And ask You to bring complete unity
Help us praise as one
We're asking You to give us a vision
A vision dear to Your heart
To show us how we're to work as a body
Using every part
"Love thy neighbor as thyself"
You commanded purposefully
We want to learn how to serve one another
To love unconditionally
Help us praise as
Help us serve as
Help us love as one
Help us dream as
Help us hope as
Help us walk as one
Band: Impact