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Wasted Time
Band: DoXology
And they say... Don't go wasting my time
With a made up vision and a clever rhyme
I don't want to challenge the life i lead
Wiping salty tears
On my rolled up sleeve
I don't see what the fuss is all about
Ive got my seven cars
and my big white house
I've done alright without your help
I don't want to think I need someone else
And I said...
Hey you! What ya' gonna do?
When everything around you
seems to stick like glue
To the person you can't help but pretend to be
When you think it's how God wanted you to be
You need to think this through.......
And I said....
You don't have a clue
Sitting over there in your thick black suit
You're walking past the needy
You're walking past the poor
Then you go home and shut your big glass door
You're not as high as you think you are
It's alright for you to comment from a distance
Blaming our good old friend persistance
Your heads filling with 'If's' and 'buts'
'maybe's', 'should be's', wannabe's and fears
The one person who can clear your debt
Aint the one standing next to a shiny white jet
He's next to you, Alongside you
Just turn around n have a look
Look look!
At the one who gave you life
Look look!
At the one who paid the price
Look Look!
At the one who saved your soul!!
Band: DoXology