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Brother's Keeper
Band: Jonathan Taube
Feb. 26, 2008 marked the release of The Solidarity EP. Featuring three songs inspired by issues of social injustice and the reality and consequences of the fact that our own actions play a part in creating and maintaining many of those same systems of injustice in our world. Believing that we must choose to live above ignorance and apathy, these songs aim to be an encouragement to embrace the chance we have to effect a positive change in the lives of those whom we share this planet with. Be convicted with me, be affected, be encouraged. You can now order the EP at http://www.myspace.com/iknowiamaugust. And huge thanks to Kirsten Gorton for lending her voice.
we close our eyes as people die in every land we know
from hunger pains and ancient plagues we cured so long ago
the fire’s still burning in africa
and though we know clearly we’ve not even begun
though our eyes can see the reality
still we can’t see past our apathy
or perhaps we refuse to believe
perhaps we refuse to see our responsibility
i am my brother’s keeper…