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Wake Me Up
Band: Take No Glory
Take No Glory is a musicianary band of Christians that desire to be founded on the Bible & empowered by the Holy Spirit who are simply saying "Yes!" to the call and commission of the Lord Jesus Christ. These musicianaries do this through responsive lives of worship that love God, love others, and primarily serve the world through music & preaching; all for the glory of God alone! This ministry team offers their new rock worship album “Wake Me Up” to download freely from their website, directly to your computer, so you can put it on an MP3 player or burn it on a CD. Download this free Christian music and please let your friends know about it, or you can make copies yourself and give CDs away :) Unauthorized duplication is encouraged and appreciated :) May The LORD Bless You!
Suddenly I wake from a dream
Just to realize I'm in this place
All this sleeping's hurting my brain
My heart, my soul
You had come to visit me
To warn against complacency
You're alive when I'm awake
You make me full

Don't want to sleep this life away
Just want to work it out
This beautiful gift You've given me
With fear and trembling

Wake me up, let me live
Breathe Your life into me
Revive this dead body walking
Pour Your Spirit into me
Take away this deception
That has lulled me to sleep
Wake me up, let me live

Suddenly I open my eyes
Just to see I'm buried deep
Right beneath all of these lies
My life's on hold
Don't want to waste this time I have
Just want to make it count
I'm giving back this life to You
With fear and trembling

I can't do this on my own
I need Your help alone
So why don't You just jump inside me
And live this life for me
With nothing left to offer You
I need You to pull me through
All I have is my availability
So here I am....