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Sign of the Times LIVE
Band: Solid Rock Band
A rare live performance by Solid Rock Band of the haunting classic - Sign of the Times; The album version of the song was recorded at Chapel Lane Sudios in Hereford, UK; ironically a building which was once a old Methodist Church. But the story has a great ending because the building now houses a thriving Christian recording studio from which many great Christian songs have been spread all over the globe.
I was out one Sunday morning
Looking for a place to hide
I was walking down a back street
When a little church I spied
So I made toward the building
which I'd never seen before
There were boards within the windows
and bricks within the walls
It's a sign of the times
that the churches are closing
It's a sign of the times
Not so many know God
It's a sign of the times
Sin is prevailing
As a sign of the times then
it does not seem odd
So I asked a man about Jesus
and the answer came back,'Who?'
So I asked the meaning of Christmas
and no-one really knew
Oh, they spoke of drink and presents
and TV and much mirth
but no-one spoke of Jesus
who had a Christmas birth