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Band: Lil' Bro-Z
Written with the Outcry theme for Youth Councils in mind; verses by Osei Stewart; Rap by Jeremiah and Joshua Stewart
Verse I:
I waited patiently for the Lord
He turned to me and heard my cry
My whispers heard as loud as day
He knows my heart, my words before I say 'em
My heart was burdened deep with sin
And for so long I held it in
Until my soul screamed for escape
And that's when Love--He took my place.

I will be heard, don't you know it's a proven fact
Just say the word and God will always have your back--OUT CRY

Verse II:
So as I look around, hurting souls abound
My prayers go up as I'm on my knees
And I'm pleading Lord for their relief
A refuge now is found in Thee
A safe securing destiny
Your will is that we look to You
And shout aloud
Great things you'll do,
This love of Yours, for us undue

----------------Rap (Lil Broz)
Listen, when you walking up in those streets
Can't get no release and the pressure is coming up on ya like you getting too
Just reach for Christ, the Bread of Life, the Maker of Peace
In your day of trouble, He's the one that gives the relief
There's nothing too hard for Him
My God is thick-skinned
No suicide or drugs or lying will ever be a good fix
Only denying yourself, relying on Christ could ever fix things
Cause He's the Provider and the Rider on a horse---He's the King!

Out of the mouth of babes, the perfect praise to the Giver of life
And for all my days with each new stage, I'll live it for Christ
As we turn the page and we engage, we're bought with a price
it's by the blood he's paid, He took our our pain, redeeming us life
God said, "if my people would humble, pray and seek after me
Turn from their wickedness and sinfulness for them I will be,
The One to hear them from Heaven"
And then you will see,
The disappearing guilt from the blood that's spilt for you and for me!