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Greater Things
Band: transMission
Another hymn tune adaptation by Marty for the new transMission CD.
Greater Things
Words by Albert Orsborn
What a work the Lord has done, by His saving grace
Let us praise Him, everyone, in this holy place
He has saved us gloriously, let us onward faithfully
Still He promised we would see even great things
Greater things, greater things
Give us faith, oh Lord we pray, faith for great things
Sanctify Thy name, oh Lord, by Your people here
From the altar or the sword, save us from our fear
When the battle rages fast, help us in the fiery blast
Let us not be overcast; prove Your greater things
Every comrade, Lord, we pray You will richly bless
Lead us forth into the fray, one in holiness
One in faith and harmony, one in perfect charity
Then we know that we will see, even greater things