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Band: Osei Stewart
This song was written for Sierra del Mar Youth Councils! Use it...all for God's glory!; Awesome moving of God's Spirit.; recording is from a live worship service during Youth Councils...many at the altar...God changing lives.; sung by IMPACT band and lead Keith Spencer
Verse 1
I waited patiently, for the Lord
He turned and heard my cry
As my soul longed for peace, inner turmoil ceased
I fell down on my knees, crying out to God
Please come and rescue me, Lord I need your love
Hold me close; cleanse my heart--every sin erased
Outcry and the Lord will hear your whispers
Outcry, every pain and grief He'll bear
Just hold on every promise true
He delights in you.
You'll never have to hold it in
Let Him in and begin your outcry.
Every now and then I fall, hurts too much yet I hold it all
I'm steady crying inside...Oh Jesus
His yoke is easy, burdens light; He wants to hear your every cry
Just call him, call him. Just call him, call him.
Verse 2
His presence filled my space, and the void was gone
My sins were all erased, every single one
Worship and seek His face
Every tear He'll wipe